The Art Of Music

Knock Hard Productions


The Imaging of an artist can be as  important as the music itself. Being known as an artist that can showcase live just what they lay down in the studio is what makes an artist 'brand' and with it, longevity.
So whatever studio you decide to work with, be prepared, be real, and try to have your part memorized so you can really soar with your performance and attitude rather than being obsessed with a legal pad or Palm Pilot full of what should already be burned into your brain, your heart, your body. 
Of course we'll be there to keep you flying straight, We can PUNCH IN that record button every bar if need be or plug in that AUTOTUNE, but we strongly encourage you to be authentic, to be stage ready and try to keep it . . . Art.
Knock Hard will do the mastering on site making sure the final product gets

We'll provide camera ready artwork and photos for you so you can upload your stuff instantly or we can direct you to Discmakers or local CD pressing outfits if you need mass quantities of CD's, jackets, boxes, etc.
If you want to check us out in person to discuss your career avenues or to watch us jump through some hoops and play some instruments for you, just call (404) 321-4999   [ 24/7 ]  and set up an appointment.