About Us


Our History

Founded by Peter Jacobson and Huston Singletary in 1990, Knock Hard Productions is a full service recording studio that offers skilled studio musician, engineer, and producer assistance for a cost effective price. We are centrally located between Tree Sound Studios and Doppler Studios. With twenty years of experience working with artists in the Atlanta area as well as an additional decade of performing on stages from New York to Los Angeles, you'll have that wellspring of knowledge to draw from in Knock Hard.  Any style of guitar (from smooth Spanish and steel string acoustic guitar to crunchy hard hitting rock), keyboards (elegant piano and soulful Hammond organ to crafty synth playing), real electric bass, and live drums all offered to enhance your project at no additional charge.
We do R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Authentic Gospel, Country, and Rock as well as World Music.
If you have a musical idea but don't play an instrument, not to worry! We have had many clients over the years that simply hum parts to us that we're able to translate into real instruments. Let us help you get that song idea out of your head and onto a CD.